01 July 2015

Technology & Media

The technology, media, and communications industries are in constant motion. Web 2.0, IP applications, 3G wireless services, clean technologies and convergence are just five of the major market forces currently reshaping these industries. Given the essential role in the global economy, executives within these sectors must come to terms with changing circumstances and the implications for business.

02 July 2015

Consumer Goods & Retail

Industry leaders in the Consumer & Retail sectors must guide their organizations to overcome everyday challenges as well as seize the possibilities of the global marketplace.

03 July 2015

Automotive and Industrial

Amrop’s Global Automotive & Industrial Practice serves a very diverse range of industry sectors, from automotive OEMs to suppliers and distributors, from steel to microelectronics, from shipbuilding to transportation.

04 July 2015

Life Sciences

Life Science companies are re-inventing themselves in the face of growing market pressures. These include the need to innovate product pipelines, address patent expirations and the move to Generics, and capture growth in speciality and biopharmaceutical drugs.

05 July 2015

Financial Services

More than ever, the Financial Services sector requires leaders who can quickly adapt to change and understand how to deal with the global pressures of the financial crisis and its aftermath. Doing so while maintaining high profitability and positive image of the financial services companies they work for is key.

06 July 2015

Mining, Energy & Infrastructure

The Energy sector is facing deep market development and structural transformations. These transformations, key business issues/opportunities and local talent market impact featured in the results of Amrop’s 2009 Worldwide Energy Scenario Survey.

07 July 2015

Professional Services

In response to the challenges of the global economic environment, The Professional Services Industry has undergone dynamic change to develop new consulting services, processes and tools. In order to better serve the complex needs of their global clients, Professional Services firms have placed a premium on Consultants who add value and expertise in a variety of disciplines.

08 July 2015

Family Business

Family-owned businesses are the backbone of major economies around the world. Many start small and grow to international scale and scope. To drive this growth, owners must find mature, entrepreneurial leaders with the talent to manage the ambiguities of a competitive business landscape.