Thought Leadership

25 February 2019

Lifelong Learning: Executive Hazards Ahead - Keep your Dissonance

A venerable multinational is forced to search in unusual places to reverse a creeping decline, and emerges stronger than ever. After a series of painful experiences, a senior executive questions his assumptions and unearths invaluable lessons. His quest for lifelong learning begins.

26 October 2018

Wise Leadership and AI

Intelligent behavior has long been considered a uniquely human attribute. But as computer science and IT networks progress exponentially, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly standing out as the transformational technology of our age. From industry 4.0 outwards, human and artificial intelligence may compete for jobs. But they will increasingly collaborate and complement each other. What kind of leadership will be needed to make that happen? Here is our summary.

21 September 2018

Joining Forces: What happens when the CEO and CHRO work hand-in-hand?

For a CEO, it is ever more critical to understand and build on the different perspectives that impact success: customers, competitors, partners, employees. As the pace of change quickens, one needs to act on this 'diversity of thought', moving swiftly and daring to make mistakes. Yet being this curious, open and action-oriented, and risking mistakes (within reason) is counter to the wiring of many organizations. If the cultural change is challenging, one key is the CEO/CHRO partnership.

21 September 2018

Personal Governance 8 - Principle 7: Reputation

Managers with good Personal Governance carefully cultivate their personal reputation, and by association, the reputation of their organization. Doing so has never been more critical.

28 June 2018

The Age of No Age: It’s all in the eye of the beholder

When it comes to senior talent management and board composition, why do we think of ‘old’ age the way we do? Fredy Hausammann, Member of the Amrop Executive Board and Managing Partner of Amrop Switzerland, argues that it’s time to ring the changes in a maturing world.

28 June 2018

Cash or Continuity? When the investors come knocking

When eager suitors enter the arena, what should the rules of the game be? Short-term profit maximization for shareholders, or longer-term value optimization for stakeholders? When your company is offered a high stock price or an otherwise-tempting proposition, shouldn’t shareholders accept? Or is the reality more complex and ambiguous?

02 February 2018

Wise Decision-Making: Stepping Up to Sustainable Performance

An ambiguous, complex business environment. An inter-connected world. A society switched-on 24/7 to corporate errors. The life of a leader has never been tougher. And despite the best efforts of many, trust remains fragile. Over 70% of observers think corporate leaders focus too much on short-term financial results, according to the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer. Leadership today is filled with difficult social, environmental and ethical dilemmas. Based on the input of 363 business leaders, this global Amrop study gauges the current health of leadership decision-making, to support the journey from smart to wise.