Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment is a tool to help ensure the long-term competitive strength of organizations. It provides a strategic view to a client’s Talent Context—the resources, development needs and capacity to deal with key strategic issues.

As a result, our clients are much better placed to understand and plan for issues of leadership and succession planning. Leadership Assessment allows companies to benchmark their internal resources with the market on both a local and global level.

Operating around the world, Amrop’s Leadership Assessment specialists offer a context driven, local and global perspective. They are senior Amrop partners with intimate knowledge of our clients’ industries, business (strategy, role, requirements, etc.) and competitive realities in the markets in which they operate. Working closely with senior management at client firms, Amrop complements in-house knowledge with an unbiased, external view that reflects the latest business and management trends around the world.

In addition, we transfer our knowledge and skills to enable our clients to carry out similar assessments throughout the rest of the organization. This facilitates the identification of development needs for individuals and helps in succession planning for tomorrow's organizational leadership.

Leadership Assessments are particularly useful in situations relating to changes in senior management, succession planning, mergers or acquisitions, identification of senior executive development needs and to highlight areas of organizational strength and weakness.

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